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The Promised Land Word Ministry International

​​Grace and Peace be unto you in the wonderful name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!
Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  We invite you to experience our anointed and spirit filled services.  There are numerous promises found in the Word of God. Biblical scholars debate over the exact number of them however; there is no debate in the fact God possesses the power to deliver and manifest every promise in His Word.  In the Scriptures, God promised His people a land flowing with milk and honey (Deuteronomy 6:3)…The Promised Land.  In this dispensation we believe His desire is to see us obtain every good promise ordained for us.  The essential promise we desire to see manifested in the lives of people is the promise of eternal life in Christ Jesus (1 John 2:15).  God does not promise everyone large homes, nice cars and great sums of money but there are promises God has made to each individual. Are you prepared to receive and are you in a position to receive them?  Join us as we purpose to obtain every promise God has ordained including eternal life in Him for God’s glory.

We are a multicultural ministry that diligently seeks to please and worship the True and Living God through the preaching of the gospel, teaching the scriptures  and pure worship.  Come and experience an atmosphere where the presence of God can minister to needs, strengthen and bless lives. 
​Join us as we expand the Kingdom of God and possess the land!

"Preparing and Positioning People for the Promises of God"